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Irwin & Irwin is a full-service Family Law firm in Fullerton, California. We serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and some areas of San Bernardino County. We professionally and compassionately guide clients through the legal process, making their needs and goals our priority. Our team offers nearly 50 years of experience. We are our client’s trusted legal advocates, providing the highest quality legal services. We work together with our clients as a team, and are dedicated to making sure they are informed decision-makers. We make an often difficult process as manageable as possible. Oftentimes the best resolutions are reached out-of-court, and we can negotiate such settlements from a position of strength because we are ready to litigate cases in court. But where trial is necessary, we zealously represent our clients’ rights and interests.

Our Approach to Family Law…..

We have represented clients from all walks of life. We are a friendly, family-oriented law firm, ready to serve you with effective options to address all of your family law needs.

Our practice is focused on helping families. We take an honest, straightforward approach and will efficiently work toward a fair and reasonable resolution. We will address your specific needs, and explain the legal process and the costs involved in your case. We will discuss your rights and your options. We will make every effort to settle your matter by negotiation first – thereby minimizing the stress and expense of litigation. However, our clients know that we have the experience to take their case to trial whenever necessary.

Irwin & Irwin provides experienced counsel in child custody and visitation disputes, support issues, as well as, complex property issues. We also handle post-judgment modifications of spousal support, child support and child custody orders. We are trained in assisting victims of physical and mental abuse, in dealing with all aspects of domestic violence, and in obtaining restraining orders when appropriate. Our job is to guide, counsel, advocate and minimize the stress associated with these matters.


Family law is a very broad area of the law that generally deals with the break-up of the family. It is also one of the most emotionally charged and contentious areas of the law because it involves issues that “cut to the heart” of most individuals – their marriage, their children, their homes, their retirement and their entire way of life. Family law is also a very complicated area of the law filled with dangers and pitfalls that can be avoided with the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

Family law issues include, but are not limited to the following: Divorce (i.e., Dissolution of Marriage), Legal Separation, Annulment (i.e., Nullity of Marriage), Pre-marital and Post-marital Agreements, Paternity Proceedings, Child Custody & Visitation, Grandparent Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support (i.e., Alimony), Division of Property, Domestic Partnerships, Guardianship, Restraining Orders (i.e., Domestic Violence), Contempt & Enforcement Actions and post-judgment modifications of all these same issues.

We are family law attorneys in Orange County, California.

Prenuptial Agreements

Are you considering getting married soon? It may be a good idea to consider a Prenuptial Agreement. This is especially true if you are well established in both your personal and professional life. Perhaps you already have children, or a business or certain assets that you are concerned about. A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into before marriage in order to determine how certain issues would be dealt with in the event of a divorce – issues such as future support and division of property and assets, including those brought into the marriage. We can help you determine if this might be right for you.


Under certain divorce circumstances, the best resolutions can be reached out-of-court. Irwin & Irwin can be fair, yet in control, because, if necessary, the Irwin & Irwin team will not hesitate to litigate cases in court in their endeavor to win a decision in the client’s favor. If pursuing a result by trial will result in the best outcome for the client, Irwin & Irwin will zealously argue for the client’s rights and future well-being as it relates to sources of income, property, support, and custody issues.

You may also qualify under our Divorce Mediation Services, find out more about Divorce Mediation HERE

Divorce Mediation Services

An option that many people going through a divorce may consider is Mediation services. This allows the parties to work out the sensitive issues of their family together with the guidance and experience of a neutral. We can guide both parties through the process, assisting with the paperwork. We will advise what options are available, suggesting solutions the parties may not have considered, and being a resource to help work through the more sensitive areas that are involved with a divorce. Irwin & Irwin offers Mediation services.

Mediation is usually a less stressful option for everyone involved with a divorce, including the effects it has on your children. It is also usually a much more cost effective way to do a divorce.   This is a way to do your divorce differently, with fairness and compassion. The cases that are most ripe for Mediation are those where the parties feel they can reach common ground with regards to the most challenging issues: child custody, support, and division of property. This is particularly true of Silver Era divorces involving people at an advanced stage of their life. Let Irwin & Irwin help you determine if Mediation might be right for you.

Other terms used under divorce mediation include but are not restricted to, Alternative Divorce, Peaceful Divorce, Mutual Divorce and Amicable Divorce.