Mediation Services – Alternative Divorce Solutions

Divorce Mediation Services: Orange County, California

Are you looking for an alternative divorce solution?
For some people the best route to try first in a divorce is mediation.  If you feel that you can sit down with a trained professional and amicably finds ways to compromise and negotiate agreements, you can vastly reduce both …

Child Custody Attorney

Are you looking for a Child Custody Attorney? 
Our offices are in Fullerton and Newport Beach, Orange County, California
Situations arise where a parent wants to relocate or move away with children. This can significantly affect the non-moving parent’s parenting timeshare, and also increase expenses related to visitation with children. There are two sides to …

Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys
Fullerton and Newport Beach, Orange County, California
Are you considering getting married soon? It may be a good idea to consider a Prenuptial Agreement. This is especially true if you are well established in both your personal and professional life. Perhaps you already have children, or a business or certain assets that …

Divorce Litigation

California is a “no-fault” divorce state which means that an alleged spouse’s wrongdoing cannot be the basis for a divorce. In California, grounds for divorce are generally that the existence of irreconcilable differences between husband and wife have led to marital dysfunction and breakdown. Having said that, certain conduct may be considered by the court …

Paternity / Parentage

Are you in need of a Paternity Attorney?
We have offices in Fullerton and Newport Beach, California.

Under California law, a child’s legal parents can be legally established absent marriage.  This is known as a “parentage” or “paternity” action.  When a child is born during a marriage, the law presumes that the …


Are you looking for a LGBTQ Family Law Attorney?

At Irwin & Irwin we are pleased to represent clients with issues unique to the LGBTQ community.  This includes Divorce, Parentage Actions, and Termination/Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnerships.  We can help you through the process with respect and compassion.
Sometimes there are unique legal complexities …