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The youngest baby boomer in 2017 will be turning 53 years old. Anyone in the baby boomer era will relate to wanting a lifestyle change and part of that may include a divorce. It is not unusual at all for people at a more mature stage of life to reflect and make decisions regarding new directions for their lives. Sometimes things change over time. While still presenting a significant life challenge, Silver Era or Gray divorces can often be much more amicable because minor children are grown and there are enough assets for both people to continue their lives comfortably but in different directions.

It can also be a stressful time but with Irwin & Irwin Family Law we understand how to mediate both parties to reach an optimal agreement so that more of the assets remain with you than in legal fees. We can provide litigation services but our aim is for you to enjoy your lifestyle, the chapter of your life which entails, a new relationship, travel or doing a doctorate.

At Irwin & Irwin we have frequently dealt with such circumstances, and we are prepared to help you. For more information on how we get you a settlement out of court:

Baby Boomers are generally considered to be those people born between 1946 and 1964.  They are currently between 52 and 70 years of age.  They are also in a population that is seeing an increase in divorce and separation. Lets just look at the reported statistics in Orange County, California. Back in 2012, 33 divorce filings were made a day. Orange County divorces are rated one of the highest in the nation. Gray divorce also known as the Silver Era Divorce is becoming more and more common.

This same age group grew up with parents that were typically more reluctant to divorce.  In the past perhaps their parents and grandparents put up with more difficult spouses to “make things work,” despite experiencing unhappiness and a “rocky” home life.  Today, these Baby Boomers are coming to understand that socially it is more acceptable to break away from an unworkable marriage.  This is especially true in situations where it creates an unhealthy environment for children, even once those children become adults themselves.  People who may have stayed in an abusive or unhealthy relationship can now leave a marriage without the social stigma it once had.

These older entrenched values promoting long-term marriage “no matter what” have to be worked through on a personal level and can be a difficult hurdle for some people.  The issues that people are facing in their 50’s, 60’s and even 70’s are much different than a younger divorcing couple.  The market crashes that depleted some retirement accounts in prior economic downturns have left some Baby Boomers with little choice but to continue working well into their 70’s, and even taking reverse mortgages on homes to make ends meet.

Health care costs, and increasing concerns about what retirement really means can be grave concerns for people who are thinking about divorcing their spouse.  Have both spouses been careful with retirement planning?  Have both spouses been careful not to withdraw early on retirement plans?  Are their investments enough to support two households if there is a split?  There are many things to consider with a divorcing couple who are older and more established in their lives.

A Silver Era Divorce (Gray Divorce) can be challenging.  However, if a person finds themselves no longer able to accept a marriage that is not healthy and constructive, it may be the time to change things.  As someone once said, “A divorce is not a legal event with emotional consequences.  It is an emotional event with legal consequences.”  At Irwin & Irwin we are positioned and prepared to assist you through this process.

Kelly and Mark Irwin are both divorce mediation and litigation attorneys at Irwin & Irwin and many clients have expressed their gratitude because they truly care about their clients. It is tough to comprehend, but when an attorney takes a case as if they were in their client’s shoes, it means they go to bed, thinking about solutions that are workable, meaningful and if children are involved, the least stress for them. Kelly and Mark, are not only attorneys but they understand the value of family. They understand that not all families can stay together, but they know how the laws work in California. They know how a child feels when their parents divorce. They want the best for each and every party involved. In a silver era divorce or gray divorce, most of the time, there are older or grown up children, but sometimes not. Most people in this stage of life, want an amicable settlement, mutual consent to a divorce can go through mediation saving thousands of dollars in litigation.

Whatever your situation is, talk to us. Be candid with and tell us what you wish to achieve. We will listen and recommend the best legal actions to take, ultimately it will be your decision to choose. We have offices in Fullerton (Head Office) but can meet with clients at our Newport Beach office as well.