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Divorce Mediation Services

An option that many people going through a divorce may consider is Mediation services. This allows the parties to work out the sensitive issues of their family together with the guidance and experience of a neutral. We can guide both parties through the process, assisting with the paperwork. We will advise what options are available, suggesting solutions the parties may not have considered, and being a resource to help work through the more sensitive areas that are involved with a divorce. Irwin & Irwin offers Mediation services.

Mediation is usually a less stressful option for everyone involved with a divorce, including the effects it has on your children. It is also usually a much more cost effective way to do a divorce.   This is a way to do your divorce differently, with fairness and compassion. The cases that are most ripe for Mediation are those where the parties feel they can reach common ground with regards to the most challenging issues: child custody, support, and division of property. This is particularly true of Silver Era divorces involving people at an advanced stage of their life. Let Irwin & Irwin help you determine if Mediation might be right for you.

Other terms used under divorce mediation include but are not restricted to, Alternative Divorce, Peaceful Divorce, Mutual Divorce and Amicable Divorce.