Spousal Abuse

Spousal abuse in the family court is treated slightly differently than in criminal court. Often, clients think they need to have indisputable proof and have police records to be able to prevail in family court. That is not always the case. Domestic violence is a very concerning matter and we take it seriously.

Domestic violence has a trickle down effect on any children that may be in the marriage. If they are not direct victims of the violence, even their exposure to domestic violence can have life-long negative effects on them.

Spousal abuse does not only include physical violence against a spouse. It can be physical intimidation, breaking of objects, punching walls, throwing things, blocking doorways, taking phones, taking car keys, making verbal threats, hurting pets or threatening to hurt pets, repeated harassing phone calls, repeated harassing text messages, repeated harassing emails, using your online identity to harass or embarrass you, and forcing sexual intimacy. This is not a complete list and each case is different.

While women continue to be the predominant victim in domestic violence, men are often the victim of domestic violence as well. Sadly men are even more reluctant to come forward to express they are survivors of domestic violence. However, to allow any perpetrator of domestic violence to continue in their ways is giving them more power to continue and things may get worse.

Speaking to an attorney as soon after an event that may be domestic violence is your best option to seek help from the courts.