With a long term [30+year] marriage, a shared business and home, and neglect/addiction in the household, making the decision to divorce was not easy and I had to put a lot of thought into it. I am an analytical person and needed information and answers to my questions before making my decision to proceed. I met with the Irwin's and they patiently explained the process, the filing timelines, their fees and offered compassionate and practical advice on what to expect with such a complicated divorce. A year after meeting them, I realized I had done everything I could to save the marriage, came to the conclusion to divorce, hired the Irwin's, filed my paperwork and proceeded with the case. The nature of divorce is very emotional and can be extremely challenging, so it was important that I had a team of attorneys to rely on to give me good practical and experienced advice. Kelly, Mark and Chelsea were exceptional in their service, professional in their manner with my ex-husbands attorney [especially when he decided to resign from the case!] and were respectful of my time and budget, and had compassion and clear direction during those high-drama moments. They have a competent and efficient staff assisting them as well. My case was settled amicably and I am pleased with the outcome, well worth the time and effort. It was a great way to start the New Year. Thank you Irwin and Irwin!

I had special circumstances regarding the split with my ex-husband where I believed I qualified for an annulment. Another attorney told me my case wasn't case strong enough and wanted me to pursue just dissolving the marriage (divorce). I eventually reached out to Irwin & Irwin. Their response time back to me was within an hour, super quick. I was able to meet with them for my consultation within a day or two after that. Kelly and her team listened to me, spent more time than I expected to fully understand my situation and completely believed and supported me to pursue annulling my marriage. I hired them immediately. All my interactions with everyone at their firm was outstanding. They are very compassionate, professional, timely in their responses and delightful to work with. And, I was granted my annulment on two counts. Thank you Irwin & Irwin!

Everyone at the Irwin Law firm was friendly, responsible and competent. They settled my matter promptly. I highly recommend this law firm.

I highly recommend Irwin & Irwin for spousal support modifications. I was in a marriage of 28 years and was ordered to pay my ex-spouse spousal support after my divorce was finalized. I previously employed another attorney and was not able to get any sort of relief for my spousal support modification case. Only after hiring Kelly and her staff was I able to get results. After 15+ years of paying support, I was able to get my payments reduced to $0 with the expert knowledge of Kelly Irwin and her legal team. The team is very professional and was extremely helpful during the entire process. Kelly, is extremely knowledgeable and a great litigator. I was not expecting to have my support reduced to $0, but Kelly made the appropriate arguments and got the best results possible. Not only did my support get reduced to $0, I now have a claim against my ex-spouse for the return of spousal support that I overpaid. The overpayment was due to the fact that the judge issued his ruling effective from the start date of the case through the date of his ruling. My case took approximately 13 months and resulted in the overpayment. The delay in the case was due to Covid protocols and the fact that my ex-spouse, who represented herself in court, delayed the case multiple times. The team at Irwin & Irwin is the one to contact for all your family law needs. I can’t thank them enough for the results they achieved.

Great law firm. Met with Kelly & Chelsea - very intelligent and professional. They made me feel comfortable and took their time to answer all my questions.

The team helped me get through my divorce process which was very tough and stressful. They were very professional, prompt in responses, and thorough. I am very pleased with and grateful for their services.

I highly recommend Irwin and Irwin to anyone who needs legal support during a divorce or for custody disputes. Everyone on staff at Irwin & Irwin is professional, and helpful. When something had to be handled immediately, they were there to resolve things right away. Since they have a team to help you, there is always someone available to answer your questions. They were reasonable compared to other divorce companies. I am very happy with the results of the help I received from Irwin and Irwin.

I needed Irwin & Irwin to handle a Child Support case and they were above and beyond amazing! The entire legal team at Irwin & Irwin is absolutely incredible. The detail and attention they provided to my case along with the additional support that comes along with a situation such as this was more than I could have expected. I would highly recommend Irwin & Irwin to my friends and family. I can't Thank them enough for what they did for me.

I referred a friend (also an attorney) to Irwin & Irwin as he needed their specialized services. He was extremely happy with Mark and Kelly and then he too, referred friends. Thanks both of you for being terrific!!

I've worked with Mark and Kelly in the past and they are fantastic! We had an issue with an ex and they dropped everything, drafted a letter and the problem never resurfaced 🙂

Mark and Kelly helped me through my divorce and always gave me sound legal advice. They were always professional and their associates friendly. They never told me what I wanted to hear and gave me realistic legal advice/direction for the issues I was dealing with. I highly recommend this firm! They are not just good lawyers, but good people!

Going through a divorce can be one of the most painful times in your life. Unfortunately I had a front row to a friend's divorce. This group was compassionate and thorough. They listened to the client's needs and were able to assist. No one goes into a marriage expecting to be divorced, but if you are in this situation, I encourage to use this team.

Great service and representation - I have referred many friends and will continue to do so based on my experience with this company!

Divorce is never easy. There's an emotional component that underlines every action during the process and those heightened emotions can lead to poor decisions. Divorce becomes much more difficult when you cannot successfully co-parent with your ex, when there are abuse allegations, and when civil claims are tossed in as well. Mine had all of those and more. Some people are able to be divorced and move on with civility. That was not my experience. When I first when to see the Irwin's, I was emotionally fragile. I had been targeted for destruction and devastation and although I'm a person with high integrity that believes in justice, I had to continually defend myself and my conduct to various agencies. It was like a sojourn in Bizarro world. After that first meeting with Mark and Kelly, I walked out with the ability to breathe. Like take a deep breath in and exhale. From that moment forward, I began to emotionally distance myself from the attacks coming my way because I knew I had this team in my corner. By the end of my very long and drawn-out divorce, I no longer felt abject fear walking into the courtroom. Instead, it was like a painful splinter; it had to be pulled out, but you knew on the other side of that process, you were going to be just fine. The whole office is professional and responsive. Mark and Kelly put together a fantastic team. Serena and Megan... are definitely assets to the team. I would have never chosen this difficult road but at the same time, I'm so very grateful they were with me during the journey.

"Kelly, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the time and effort you spent helping me. You are wonderful! Sincerely, H.E."

There are no 100% winners in family law; but Mark and Kelly will do their best to assure you get the long end of the stick. I reached out for legal advice after drafting a very poorly written parenting plan with my ex years ago. They gave me solid advice on how to handle the situation. They were swift to draft an amendment under time constraints and always had my best interests at heart. Divorce and co-parenting is hard. Harder still when parents don't put the interests of their kids first. The moment you decide to travel that path; regardless of how good, skilled, knowledgeable your lawyer is- in some capacity you are at the mercy of the court. The best you can do is get a solid, compassionate, intelligent, ethical team on your side to fight for you. Irwin & Irwin are that team.

Irwin and Irwin is a highly professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and compassionate law firm. When I first walked through the door of Irwin and Irwin, I was greeted by caring and professional staff. I knew that I was not happy in my marriage and I needed to dissolve this relationship. Mark and Kelly guided me and answered all my questions. The excellent service of Mark and Kelly have helped me to gain my life back. I am involved in a very complicated divorce which has encompassed many aspects of family law from domestic violence to minor's counsel. Mark and Kelly have guided me every step of the way. Kelly does an excellent job of aggressively litigating and preparing for court hearings. She is very organized and thorough and has excellent communication and negotiation skills. She has done a superb job of fighting for my needs and the needs of my children. I have been pleased with the support and help that I have been given during this process. I have been fortunate that Mark and Kelly asked for and were granted a no contact domestic violence order. They were looking out for my safety and the best interest of myself and my children. This has been a blessing as it has brought peace into our home and provides us with an opportunity to heal from all the abuse that we have been through. Peace is priceless and I am thankful every day for this gift that we have been given. The staff at Irwin and Irwin and the attorneys complement each other and are a cohesive team. The firm is very efficient and ethical. They do an excellent job of communicating and making sure that I have and understand all the court orders. I have learned from other offices, who needed court orders or other information, that Irwin and Irwin is efficient and easy to work with. Although my divorce is not finalized, I am very appreciative of the help and support that I continue to receive from the law firm of Irwin and Irwin. They are a fabulous team and I would highly recommend them.

“I hired Kelly to represent me in family court while obtaining a restraining order for my past relationship, which involved Domestic Violence. Kelly was very thorough and knowledgeable along every step of the way, and fully invested herself and her time in my case. She was very straight-forward with myself and my family, and most importantly for me, honest. I was extremely apprehensive about going to court in such a sensitive situation, but Kelly made me feel more at ease in the courtroom with the competency in which she represented my case. If need be, I would not hesitate to hire Kelly to represent me again in the future.”

“Thank you so much for all you guys have done…you guys are great. I’ve been trying to clear this mess up for almost 20 years… and you guys did it in a matter of months–you guys are the best!!”

"I hired Kelly to represent me in family court while obtaining a restraining order for my past relationship, which involved Domestic Violence. Kelly was very thorough and knowledgeable along every step of the way, and fully invested herself and her time in my case. She was very straight-forward with myself and my family, and most importantly for me, honest. I was extremely apprehensive about going to court in such a sensitive situation, but Kelly made me feel more at ease in the courtroom with the competency in which she represented my case. If need be, I would not hesitate to hire Kelly to represent me again in the future."

Kelly handled my divorce case and I was very pleased with her! She is very knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy! Even though I don't wish anyone else to have a divorce but if you need that service I highly recommend Kelly!

“Thank you for helping me to clarify my thinking and for giving me the tools and backbone to do what was necessary to rebuild my life. I am not the same person I was just a year ago. Also, thank you for making my legal nightmare an afterthought and breaking it down into manageable steps.”

“I couldn’t be happier with the way Mark handled my divorce. He kept me informed the entire way, and I always felt Mark was working in my best interests. Mark was very understanding during the difficult times of the case and was empathetic to my situation. In the end, Mark achieved everything he (we) set out to accomplish, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. He is truly a person of good moral character and a professional who always worked hard for his client. Thanks Mark.”

“Thank you for your help in handling my divorce. You guys were very responsive, helpful, trustworthy, honest, and managed my expectations well. I recently gave your card to a friend who may need help with her divorce. I told her you guys were awesome and super honest!”

“Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience it was for me having your assistance… I don’t see how it could have gone any better, or relieved me of so many details I do not enjoy, and resulted in a such a good deal for us. Most important to me is the way you handled this matter demonstrates that you are the right attorney for me in many situations I am likely to encounter. You are right on target with the decisions you leave to me, and those you take by yourself in my behalf, and you are clearly an enterprising person with a good ability to press your case without seeming aggressive… Thank you very much for your help.”

"Thank you again for all of your assistance in dealing with our issue. As you notice, this has been most stressful for me and your approach makes the process a bit less painful.”

“Thanks again for working so hard on my case. I appreciate how you have taken a personal interest in getting me through this difficult time. I am looking forward to a new chapter in life…”