Are you looking for a LGBTQ Family Law Attorney?

LGBTQ Family Law Attorney

At Irwin & Irwin we are pleased to represent clients with issues unique to the LGBTQ community.  This includes DivorceParentage Actions, and Termination/Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnerships.  We can help you through the process with respect and compassion.

Sometimes there are unique legal complexities to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender matters, especially if children are involved.  Our experience includes representation in custody cases where embryos have been donated between partners.  Our clients, and their children, are our top priority.  We help guide clients through Child Custody and Child Support issues with kindness and thoughtfulness.

As with any Family Law matter, our Mediation services may be a good option for you.  This is true if both parties are relatively amicable, and are willing to work to find common ground.  Mediation can save everyone involved both financially and emotionally.

Where necessary, our team is prepared to litigate your case in court.  Sometimes there is just no option, and you have to fight to protect your rights.  With all of the changes in relevant laws in recent years, it is imperative that you have experienced representation.  We’re here to help as your trusted legal counsel.