Broken hearts healing – young poets speak out


A good reminder of the impact of divorce on children, and where our priorities should lie…a sage book edited by Tom Worthen. Here is a review from Publishers Weekly: “With haunting lines such as “Divorce can slaughter you” and “A girl without her father is incomplete,” nearly 200 children mostly teens, though a few are as young as 10 years old whose parents are divorced have allowed editor Tom Worthen to collect their blunt, eloquent (and terribly sad poems) in Broken Hearts… Healing: Young poets Speak Out on Divorce. Worthen, a communications professor who has tried to be the “best divorced dad I could be,” is determined to bring children and parents together to talk openly about complex and painful issues. (He’s even written two forewords, one for parents and one for children.) The publisher has announced a 15,000 first printing and a $50,000 budget to promote this poignant, provocative book.”