Changing Child Custody Arrangements


Divorce in itself is painful for the adults. Now think about the children. Add changing schedules and arguments from both parents and the world becomes very unfair, miserable and depressing for the children. Kelly Irwin, in this VLOG talks about how best to change a child custody arrangement. Kelly Irwin is a very reputable, well respected family law attorney in Orange County, California. Her plight in life is not just to be the attorney but to be a true advocate for what could be deemed as a fair outcome for everyone involved.

Kelly has put together and will continue to put together a series of informational videos, to coach, to create more awareness to those who are new to the divorce scene. It is very normal to feel overwhelmed, depressed and concerned when going through a divorce, don’t rush to get any attorney, get one that will listen first, consult and decide what is a constructive path forward.

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