Divorce Mediation Services: Orange County, California
Are you looking for an alternative divorce solution?
For some people the best route to try first in a divorce is mediation.  If you feel that you can sit down with a trained professional and amicably finds ways to compromise and negotiate agreements, you can vastly reduce both the emotional and financial cost of a divorce.  The Attorney-Mediator does not represent either person, and instead plays a role as an independent neutral to help guide you both through the process.

Divorce mediation is often a good option for those who fall into the category of “silver era” divorce, and also people who believe they can avoid fighting over “hot button” issues such as child custody, child support and spousal support.  Putting your kids first is very difficult when emotions are raw.  But it is so very important to make every effort to do so.  The impact of the “trickle down” effect of stress and conflict on children during divorce is well documented, and parents really need to put the kid’s interests and well-being first.

The divorce mediation process includes the completion and filing of all necessary paperwork with the courts.  Divorce mediation is a great way to make your own choices and decisions on what and how to compromise, keeping you in control, instead of leaving important life decisions about your family up to a judge.

At Irwin & Irwin, we offer divorce Mediation services, handled by a professional Attorney-Mediator committed to helping keep conflict to a minimum.  Contact our office for more information.