Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

Fullerton and Newport Beach, Orange County, California

Are you considering getting married soon? It may be a good idea to consider a Prenuptial Agreement. This is especially true if you are well established in both your personal and professional life. Perhaps you already have children, or a business or certain assets that you are concerned about. A Prenuptial Agreement is a contract entered into before marriage in order to determine how certain issues would be dealt with in the event of a divorce – issues such as future support and division of property and assets, including those brought into the marriage. We can help you determine if this might be right for you.

Some things to consider include:

  • Find out what your personal risks are for not doing a prenuptial agreement in the event of a divorce.
  • What can you protect?
  • Does a prenuptial agreement expire?
  • Why getting a prenuptial agreement attorney is important instead of an online service?


We will guide you through the process. This is a happy time in your life and we understand that it can be almost impossible to think about divorce. We see it all the time, talk to us about your situation, we will provide you the best way forward.