Areas Of Focus

Paternity / Parentage

Are you in need of a Paternity Attorney? We have offices in Fullerton and Newport Beach, California. Under California law, a child’s legal parents can be legally established absent marriage. This is known as a “parentage” or “paternity” action. When a child is born during a marriage, the law presumes that the …


Are you looking for a LGBTQ Family Law Attorney?
At Irwin & Irwin we are pleased to represent clients with issues unique to the LGBTQ community. This includes Divorce, Parentage Actions, and Termination/Dissolution of Registered Domestic Partnerships. We can help you through the process with respect and compassion.

Silver Era Divorce

Silver Era/Gray Divorce Mediation Attorney Fullerton and Newport Beach, Orange County, California The youngest baby boomer in 2017 will be turning 53 years old. Anyone in the baby boomer era will relate to wanting a lifestyle change and part of that may include a divorce. It is not unusual at all for people at a more …