The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Family Law Mediator


Mediation has become a popular tool for resolving conflict. As such, communities have seen a rise in mediation services that are now being offered. With so many options to choose from you may be wondering what the “pros and cons” are of hiring a mediator that is also a dedicated family law attorney, as opposed to a mediator who offers general legal services.

First of all, an experienced family law attorney will likely have been involved in litigating hundreds of family law disputes before judicial officers. Thus, the attorney will have a better understanding not only of local court rules, but also how different judges tend to rule on certain motions and requests. By having this information available to them, they are in a better position to provide you with important insight that allows for making informed decisions when deciding what to agree to with your spouse. For example, a mediator who is also a family law attorney will likely have insight as to how much alimony or child support a judge is likely to order if your case was to go to court.

Another great reason for hiring an experienced family law attorney to mediate your case is that the mediator will have the required knowledge to assist you and your spouse in completing your divorce forms. An attorney can provide guidance on properly preparing and filing your documents that a general mediator otherwise may not be able to. While these forms may appear rather simple at first glance, they can actually address some very important concerns such as custody, support, and attorney fee issues.

Attorneys who also act as mediators might charge slightly more than a general mediator, but their experience and expertise frequently make up for the difference in cost.

Authored by IRWIN & IRWIN.

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