What to Ask For in Divorce Mediation


If your divorce case is heading to mediation, you have a lot to consider. If mediation is successful, you will be signing off on important decisions that you and your divorcing spouse hammer out together and that will have a significant impact on you and your children’s futures. In other words, your mediation session is likely to carry immense significance, and you want to be well prepared and to know exactly what it is that you are looking for in mediation. The legal implications of your mediation settlement are far too important to leave to chance. If you are facing divorce mediation, you need the professional legal guidance of a skilled California divorce attorney.

Focus on Your Priorities

Most divorces focus on three central issues:

  • Child custody arrangements
  • The division of marital property
  • Child support and/or alimony payments

Carefully consider which issues or issue is most important to you, and make that issue your primary concern in the mediation process. For example, if being your children’s custodial parent is your first concern, ask for this during mediation and acknowledge that you are willing to compromise more fully on other issues. Recognizing what is most important to you will help allow you to remain focused and undistracted by minor details during negotiations.

Ask for the Financial Support You Need

Your experienced California divorce lawyer will work closely with you to help establish if you are eligible for child support and/or alimony – and if so, in what amounts. Once you determine what the court is likely to award you if your case proceeds to court, it renders your mediation request for child support and/or alimony more powerful.

Carefully Consider Your Marital Property

At mediation, you will come to terms with dividing your marital property between you and your divorcing spouse. It’s important to carefully consider this property ahead of time and to prioritize what’s most important to you. For instance, your family home may be your most valuable asset, and if it is your intention to remain in your home with your children, this property might be your top priority. Conversely, you may not be concerned about remaining in your marital home and may be more willing to compromise on the issue. Additionally, if you brought family property into your marriage with you, retaining this property could be something that matters to you. When you understand where your priorities lie regarding your marital property, it can help make the mediation process more straightforward – because you know what to ask for and where to make more significant compromises.

Your Divorce

Each and every divorce is unique to its own set of circumstances and to the two individuals involved. Working closely with your dedicated California divorce attorney will help ensure that you remain in touch with your mediation priorities. This will allow you – at mediation – to ask for what is most important to you, to negotiate more fully, to have a strategic game plan, and to stay focused on your primary concerns.