Silver Era Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

Are you a baby boomer?

Is your marriage on the rocks?

Are you thinking about getting divorced with an amicable settlement?

Divorce Mediation works very well for some people.  Mediation is a process that involves people sitting down and reaching their own agreements, instead of going to court.  It always means some compromise.  But very importantly it lets you decide what, and how, to compromise instead of leaving it up to a judge.

Mediation is not for everyone who is going through a divorce, especially if you can’t agree on things.  However, it is a way to approach the divorce process in a much easier way, and with much less heartache and financial strain.  Mediation for more mature couples may be a good way to keep the financial costs of a divorce down, and also keep the emotional toll lower.

A “Silver Era” divorce involves those who are the “Baby Boomers,” over about 55 years old — or who have been married for 25 plus years or so.  You may be facing retirement, and at the same time deciding to pursue a divorce for a variety of reasons.  We are seeing more and more of these types of divorces.  Perhaps it is becoming more acceptable for people of that generation to make this life-changing decision.  But regardless of the reason, people seem to be feeling more comfortable making this fresh start when they determine that they are in unhealthy circumstances.

Why is Mediation a good place to start for people in this situation?  Well, usually there are no minor children involved.  This eliminates a very common and highly sensitive subject that drives people to litigate in court.  Also, people in this category are usually in a more financially stable place and do not find themselves as worried about getting everything they can out of the divorce. Often there is enough to allow both people to more forward comfortably.  These dynamics allow for keeping the conflict level low.

Another interesting fact about people who have been married many years is that some of the time they can actually get along well enough to come to good terms in their Divorce Mediation process.  The parties do not have to be friends — but after so many years together hopefully anger or resentment are not the reason why they are getting a divorce.  Sometimes people just simply grow apart in different directions, especially after their children have reached adulthood.  This allows the parties to actually sit at the same table and work out their division of assets and debts.

The Mediation process is a good alternative to litigation in court for people at a more mature stage of life because it allows for lower conflict, less emotional cost, and lower financial cost.  Spend your money on your kids’ college or something equally important, instead of fighting with one another over the china!  Staying out of court also controls the financial drain on parties who may be looking at fixed incomes in retirement.  It is a good way to resolve the divorce without using all your remaining assets to get there.

If you feel this might be right for you, we highly suggest you consult with a qualified attorney who has training specifically in Mediation. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us at HERE

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